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"We’re home! Sweet Berry, we’re home!!!!”

I didn’t even know what had gotten into me. It couldn’t have been only the house because, I mean, it’s just a house! And not even a new house!

I only knew I felt all bubbly and excited inside and this had to come out. So I got on my toes, lifting my head up and opening my arms wide as if I was standing at the windy coast and not in a house.

I heard Confetti chuckle and suddenly, something grabbed me from behind and tilted me sideways.

"Hey!" I said, faking outrage. "What’s THAT!?"

"I just think," Fetti breathed into my ear and suddenly I wasn’t feeling so bubbly any more because my heart started pounding fast and my knees became weak, "we should unpack first."

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Caramel Sugar Crunch for berrysweetshoppe!

I decided to make him public now as…Idk I think bc his kids are not heirs and I don’t see why I shouldn’t then. He was requested by a nice someone and stupid me forgot the name so please spread the word! I’m such a bad person I know.

Anyway! Usual TOU. Minimal CC. (Skin | Freckles | Hair) No sliders, clothes are Outdoor Living Stuff and Late Night.


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Mauve, Heartleaf, Evelyn and Darling are just a few of the girls who enjoyed a more unconventional evening meal.

Stop loving on the ice cream, you’re here for the boy sweetie!


Ladies didn’t wanna join T so he decided to try a different technique XD

Yeah…alright. T’s now showing off his cute lil dick to impress the ladies.

Hope this doesn’t traumatise you xD


Sinatra and Darling found the arcade but I don’t think Darling is taking full advantage of it, as she’d rather play games on her phone.

She shows you how to do it, guys.


Darling: The sweets I’m probably most like are sherbet fruits. Subtle and sweet to begin with but after a while, POOF! It’s all fun and games!

Iri: Can’t wait for the poof part haha~

Darling responds to Iri with a joke.

Look at my baby! She’s doing fine it seems! Let’s hope this works out better than the other BCs…

General and queue info.

Sooo…I think after posting loads of ts4 demo pics I should clarify I won’t be getting the game itself. I think I haven’t stated my opinion at all by now and that’s probably not the worst idea but…no. I mean I had (and am having) fun with the demo even though the push and pull thing is hard, the eyelashes are horrific, there’s no CASt and all those sharp edges drive me crazy. It’s just new, different possibilities, you know? I just would have liked if I didn’t have to give up old possibilities for that. ^^

The game itself…Idk it’s just not what I’d call Sims, I guess. Lastly, I’m just not going to spend all my money on a game that hasn’t fully convinced me. I’m gonna stay with my toddlers and beautiful scenery pictures and realism instead of all the EMOTIONS *fake producer smile*.

I really hope you guys will continue your Sims 3 stories because unfinished stories make me sad.

I hope I didn’t offend you, I just wanted to tell you my opinion. Mostly facts anyway.

NOW about the queue. Hopefully I can get my story out tomorrow, till then I’m gonna reblog a few BC/AC posts of my simmies. There will be nsfw so don’t freak out okay? ;)

Love y’all, ts3 or not! ♥

Lavande LaRue ~

I didn’t share her yet, mostly bc of that eyelashes problem. Thank you everyone, I’ll try to change that and then upload her too. ♥